Ornare Loci

In the Ornare Loci series I investigate the use of architectural ornament to create the painting’s composition. Architectural ornament is used to embellish parts of a building on either the exterior or interior. It includes decorative screens, fretwork, and carvings that were made from stone, wood, plaster or clay. My sources are Gothic and Mediterranean historical ornament; I constrain these three-dimensional decorations into the space of a flat canvas.

Ornamentation is impractical, an enhancement that transforms architecture or objects into something coveted and desirable. In contrast to the precise, repetitive patterns crafted by skilled artisans of the past, haphazard decorative marks make up the substance of the paintings; they are chaotic rather than precious, disconcerting rather than enticing. I take repetition to an excessive degree, layering motifs to disguise the original design. Embellishing elements are no longer faultlessly perfected –they have become unfettered from their meaning. Elaborate marks cover and envelop the canvas.